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Let us do the work so you can run your restaurant.

We can help with almost anything that you need for your business. Our own expertise and the expertise of our network of Food Industry Professionals allow us to be the On-Call Restaurant expert in almost any discipline.



Whether you need to prepare your first budget for a new business, are developing a budget based on history, or need to update forecasts as the year progresses, we can help. OCRA will help make sure that you don’t leave anything out, help with all financial statements, and can lend an outside eye to ensure that your projections are realistic


Concept Development

Have an idea for your restaurant? We can help flesh it out and bring it to life. From design, to menu creation, systems, and construction – we can help.


Strategic Planning

Not sure what the next step is for your business? Expand your location, open additional restaurants, franchise – there are a lot of options. Let OCRA help guide you through this process. We can develop pro forma financials for different scenarios, advise as to potential pitfalls, and help you develop a detailed plan to move forward.



Ready to expand but not sure if Franchising is right for you? We can analyze the opportunity for your concept, and if you are ready to go, we can help get you there. Our network can develop Franchise Agreements, Operations manuals, Training programs, and even sell your concept.