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Manage your Restaurant from anywhere!

online reporting snipCloud Based Accounting

All of your information at your beck and call, just log into your accounting site. Our secure site allows you to access your data, pull reports, research transactions, manage inventory, and even generate your own reports.

payroll entry snipPayroll

Add a new employee, pull reports, change a rate, submit payroll hours – our intuitive interfaces make managing your employees’ info a breeze.  Additional services available including digital on-boarding, workers comp, ACA reporting and more.

Online file cabinet snipFile Cabinet

We send your reports to your email. If you want to go back and look for something, or grab all reports for a period, everything is right here. All of your standard reports are easily organized by month. Any custom reports we prepare for you are here at your fingertips as well.

Inventory SnipInventory

Our inventory functionality allows you to manage items, perform stock counts, research price changes, and run a variety of reports. We also have the ability to program recipes and connect to your product mix to analyze theoretical inventories.